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      We are excited to release Version 3 Professional. The Professional Editions are designed for personal trainers, fitness professionals, or anyone administering exercise programs. These professionals have contributed to the changes in Version 3. The Pro Editions manage information and workouts for clients, and have a complete set of references and resources built-in.

      The Trainer Edition is for use by a single trainer with versions available for 25, 100, or an unlimited number of clients.

      The Club Edition is for use by health clubs or in any situation where more than one trainer manages many clients. Trainers log into the system and each has a seperate client base. All Club editions support an unlimited number of clients.

      Generating workouts is a simple step by step guided process. Workouts are adjusted automatically to a client's fitness level and ability, with flexible scheduling and equipment choices. Workout templates can be created to be used repeatedly. Additional exercises may be added to the 572 EXERCISES in the system, and all printed reports and cards may be personalized with custom text and logos. Automatic PDF reports and cards are created for emailing clients,

      Workouts may target any combination of body regions or activities. This targeting is made possible by a relational database that has detailed analyses of all the exercises and over 100 ACTIVITIES ranging from archery to water skiing, and include many sports. Activities can be added, edited, or removed.

      Upgrades to any professional version with more clients or more trainers are available for simply the price difference between the versions for as long as you own the software. You do not have to worry about your client or trainer base growing and the software not being able to support additional capacity, simply upgrade online to a higher version.

Trainer Edition
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          25 Client: $179.95 
        100 Client: $229.95 
Unlimited Client: $289.95 
Club Edition
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          5 Trainer: $349.95 
        10 Trainer: $449.95 
        25 Trainer: $549.95 
All Club Versions Support Unlimited Clients

    Review the complete Version 3 User's Manual. Click HERE to go to the free downloads page.


    Key Features:

  • Simple, Complete Automatic Workout Generation
  • Base Workouts on Over 100 Activities and Sports
  • Print Workout and Exercise Cards, Auto PDF file for emailing
  • Comprehensive Progress Reports and Charts
  • Muscular Anatomy Reference
  • Custom Logo Branding
  • Add and Modify Exercises, Equipment, and Activities
  • Videos for Every Exercise

    Product Includes:

  • Install CD w/Jewel case
  • 1 Year FREE Program Updates
  • Blank Card Stock for Workout and Exercise Cards
  • Exercise and Workout Card Wallets
  • Fitness Evaluation Instruction Booklet
  • Complete Printed User's Manual


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Producing a personalized, comprehensive report is as easy as selecting the start and end dates. Reports use charts and tables to show performance improvement, workout statistics, calories used, and measurement changes. Notes and comments may be added to provide even more information.

  • Personalized Notes
  • Statistical Reporting
  • Exercise Performance Tracking
  • Body Measurement Tracking
  • Automatic PDF Report Generation




    Workouts are generated 5 ways ranging from Automatic to Manual. Workouts may be saved as Preset workouts to be used as templates for future workouts.

    Several preset workouts are included with the system.

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  • Target Body Regions or Activities
  • Flexible Scheduling and Equipment Choices
  • Workouts Adjusted for client Fitness Level
  • Easy to Use Step-by-Step Wizard
  • Comprehensive Exercise Search Capability

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    Managing client information is straightforward. Personal information, fitness level, exercise goals, measurements to track, and a comment log are saved.


  • Pre-activity Screening Questionnaire
  • Fitness Assessment
  • Exercise Exclusion
  • Include Client Pictures
  • Exercise Modification for Clients
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    Exercise Explorer provides references and resources to improve communication with clients. It provides many additional features, such as adding custom logos to reports and cards, printing detailed anatomical muscle drawings, and adding exercises and equipment into the system.

  • Add and Modify Exercises and Activities
  • Explore Activity, Muscle, and Exercise Relationships
  • Video Examples of all Body Actions
  • 100+ Activities and 572 Exercises Analyzed
  • Logo Branding on Reports and Cards
  • 45 Minutes of Instructional Videos
  • Add Instructional Videos

    To view the minimum hardware requirements for the program click HERE.

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