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     Exercise Explorer specializes in software to benefit personal trainers, health and fitness professionals, athletes, and active individuals. The Professional products are powerful exercise management tools. Our software products are state-of-the-art and easy to use.

Utilizing the experience of respected experts in the field of exercise physiology we have compiled an extensive database of relationships between Activities, Exercises, and Muscles. With this information our software is able to target exercise programs for a particular activity, body action, or body region.

Exercise Explorer Professional Version 3

We have just released the latest version of our professional software. The changes are based on feedback received from trainers that are using the software. Exercise Explorer has a list of activities and sports that automatic workouts can target when generated. Version 3 adds the capability to edit these activities. Also, english or metric measurements can be used. PDF file are automatically created and saved. Exercise searching is comprehensive. Pictures of clients can be displayed. And about 200 exercises for all types of Bowflex machines have been added. Click HERE to find out more about Version 3 Professional.


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